Our Professional Resources Solutions (PRS) division was established a bit more than a year ago to bridge a long identified gap in the professional resourcing industry. Little by little, we are being perceived as an innovative leader in the professional service industry, and our goal is to gain further recognitions and steadily become an entrusted HR business partner to many businesses locally and around the globe.

Companies are faced with many challenges when it comes to HR, where the mindset of employers and employees have evolved. Job seekers nowadays are longing for careers that offer diversified experiences and fulfilment whereas companies, on the other hand, demand for specialists and niche skills rather than generic roles.

In the effort to cope with the constant changes as a result of the stricter compliance requirements and more stringent regulatory environment over the last decade, companies are calling for additional subject-matter experts at different levels to review and upgrade their existing protocols and settings. The aim is to better prepare and equip themselves for further compliance and regulatory changes in the upcoming future. Furthermore, in the age of digitalisation driven by technological advancement, the appetite for analytic and technical skills required under an integrative application of change management has taken over generic skillset, leading to a full-scale talent war, where competition for talent is fierce and on-going. HR must increase awareness and adopt a different approach to maintain a competitive edge.

With such trend sets to shape the HR industry for the foreseeable future, BDO in Hong Kong is strategically placed in a unique position within the professional service industry to serve our clients to tackle the many resourcing challenges they face. By embracing the gig economy, our PRS team introduced and promotes the adoption of a hybrid resourcing model to the HR community in Hong Kong. The hybrid model is a blend of various resourcing and recruitment strategies in combination with the traditional 'direct permanent hire'. We enthusiastically promote the agile movement of professionals on a secondment basis to support companies in meeting their project resourcing and staff augmentation requirements. Our consultative approach not only addresses clients' specific needs but also provide value adding solutions to help them improve, couple with an extensive network of professionals around the world enabling us to provide custom-made solutions that are designed to not only meet but exceed clients' expectations.

Since our establishment, we have catered for clientele from an array of industries including financial services (banks and insurance), and large local conglomerates, retail, property development, hospitality and telecom. We are experienced in developing professional business partner relationship with our clients, understanding their company's business plans and strategies, culture, and carefully manage expectations to avoid taking unnecessary detours. Our success today lies on our persistence in staying true to our company's motto in 'taking our clients' needs to heart'.

Fast forwarding to the present, the PRS division has recently been crowned as the Gold Winner in the Asia Recruitment Award 2019 for Best Client Service, beating the likes of Morgan Philips and Selby Jennings. We were also awarded the winner for Best Recruitment Solution Provider at VOTY 2018 – a new category that was introduced headlining our entry to the market. These awards are a testament to our relentless pursuit for excellence, and it is our intention to gain further recognition by entering and winning future awards to build on our steadily growing reputation.

Finally, we will collaborate closely with other BDO member firms in APAC and other countries to becoming our clients' entrusted cross-country business partner in talent acquisition and resourcing solutions.

The PRS team will stay ahead of the curve by introducing new and exciting solutions to revolutionise the world of HR. BDO provides courtesy of its new technology platform under development, anticipated to be released in late 2020. This single platform aims to enhance service delivery of our PRS team, facilitating recruitment processes, client inquiries, as well as providing more transparency and timely information on the status of engagements and consultants.

Please stay tuned!