• IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

Information technology is a fast growing area which leads to a lot of business opportunities; however, at the same, it could also affect the sustainability of an organisation in terms of technology related threats such as cyber-attack, development of disruptive technology, delayed digital transformation, etc. Corporate board may need to heighten its level of scrutiny and closely monitor how technological changes or development could affect their organisations.

Some questions for the board to consider:

  • Has the organisation deployed a security framework?
  • What are the top five IT risks to the organisation?
  • How is the security governance managed in the organisation?
  • Has the organisation been attacked by cyber threats or other security related incidents?

How can BDO help

BDO Risk Advisory Services (RAS) team is experienced and qualified in providing technology risk assurance, digitalisation support, cyber security services and fintech advisory. Our IT professionals will help you to leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage and to make IT more efficient to manage the risks associated with IT operations. Our supports cover the following areas:

Technology risk management  

  • Technology effectiveness reviews
  • IT project support
  • Technology risk and compliance (eg SFC circulars or HKMA guidelines)
  • Technology governance
  • Internal IT audits
  • IT general controls
  • IT system integrity review
  • Service organisation control (SOC/3402 report)

Digital transformation advisory

  • Digital strategy assessment & gap analysis
  • Portfolio development and alignment
  • Online marketing solution & management
  • App development advisory
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • ERP post-implementation reviews
  • Vendor selection
  • Data analytics

Cybersecurity advisory

  • Cyber security maturity assessment
  • IT security framework assistance and compliance
  • Information security management system (ISMS) support such as ISO 27001
  • Data protection & security review
  • Cyber incident crisis readiness advisory
  • Third party IT risk management

Fintech advisory

  • Crypto-currency and exchange platform
  • Blockchain application
  • Crypto asset and exchange platform
  • Stored-value facilities


Contact us and talk to our consultant to give you an idea of what the board concerns most on digital transformation, IT security and cyber risks.


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