• Expatriate Services

Expatriate Services

We are experienced in helping corporate clients position their key people in the right locations

BDO can help you relocate your people and their expertise anywhere around the globe in a prompt and professional manner.

Many multinational corporations are keen to mobilise their talents worldwide. They strongly prefer to relocate key executives rather than hire locally, because this helps them align their corporate cultures and management styles. It also enables them to implement standardised policies and procedures in all their overseas offices. Moreover, relocating talented employees on an expatriate basis is a proven and effective way to retain them in the organisation.

Expatriate services

Transferring employees abroad for short or long-term assignments or on a permanent basis is not a simple and straightforward exercise.

Regardless of whether you wish to simply add another member to your large existing expatriate workforce in Hong Kong, or whether you are just about to assign your first executive here, BDO can offer you a full range of services that will enable you to do so in a tailored and efficient manner. We will also help your expatriate executives orientate themselves when they arrive, settle in, and make themselves feel at home.

Our comprehensive services include:

Expatriate management services

  • Feedback concerning your company’s policies and procedures concerning its terms for expatriate employees on international assignments
  • General comments on the content of your employment contracts within the context of the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance and its requirements
  • Consultation services about applying for Hong Kong Employment Visas to the Immigration Department
  • Local tax information for expatriates
  • Advice on compliance with the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Ordinance and whether your expatriate employees are eligible for exemption

Relocation services

  • Coordination of the transfer of expatriate employees’ personal belongings to Hong Kong, including customs clearance
  • Assistance with identifying appropriate international health insurance schemes for expatriate employees and their families

Start-up support and local orientation

  • Location of suitable office premises and living accommodation for expatriate employees
  • Assistance with applications for relevant permits and commercial licences
  • Acting as a point of contact for expatriate employees to make enquiries
  • Assistance with applications for Dependant Visas to the Immigration Department
  • Orientation tours
  • Helping expatriates with children identify suitable schools

Departure programme

  • Assistance with repatriation arrangements at the end of an international assignment, including the termination of lease agreements and coordination with movers
  • Processing of final payments to expatriate employees, and preparation of documents to notify various local authorities about their departure from Hong Kong and obtain departure clearance from them


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BDO in Hong Kong has recently been crowned as the Gold Award Winner of the Best HR Outsourcing Service Provider of the HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2019

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BDO in Hong Kong was crowned as the Bronze Award Winner of the Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner of the HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2018

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